Kavod Needs Your Help – Complete the Prop 39 Intent to Enroll Form

Kavod Needs Your Help – Complete the Prop 39 Intent to Enroll Form

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Dear Kavod Elementary Charter School Families, Friends, and Supporters,

Kavod needs your help! We are applying to locate on a San Diego Unified District (SDUSD) facility for the 2013-14 school year. State legislation, called Proposition 39, enables us to receive district facilities substantially rent free. In order to qualify for the facilities, we need to submit an application to SDUSD by the end of October documenting how many students will attend our school. The attached “Prop 39 Intent to Enroll Form” is used by the district to verify our student numbers. Although we plan to continue enrolling students throughout our Open Enrollment period (August 1, 2012-January 15, 2013), any students who complete an “Prop 39 Intent to Enroll Form” after October 31, 2012 will not count towards our Prop 39 request. Our plan is to request facilities near freeways 52 and 805.

If you are considering enrolling your child(ren) in Kavod Elementary Charter School, even if you have not made your final choice, PLEASE complete the Prop 39 Intent to Enroll Form. If you decide not send your child to the school, the “seat” that you help us reserve can still be used by future enrollees. The more forms that we have, the more facility space the district will assign to Kavod. To save you time and paperwork, your “Prop 39 Intent to Enroll Form” will also be used as your application for the Open Enrollment period. You will be contacted in January about your final decision regarding your child’s enrollment. If you want to enroll more than two children, please print additional forms. If you have friends who are considering Kavod but not on our email list, please share this information with them as well. Remember, we need your signed Prop 39 Intent to Enroll Form by October 15th. You may return it using one of the following options:

  1. Mail it to PO Box 22044, San Diego, CA 92192
  2. Scan it, and email it to cinda.doughty@kavodelementary.org
  3. Fax it to (858) 777-9197

Thank you for your consideration. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.  Warm Regards, Cinda

Cinda Doughty


Kavod Elementary Charter School

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Families can apply via the schoolmint portal.

You can reach out to our Director of Enrollment to learn more at enrollment@kavodcharter.org.

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