Core Subjects

Reading, Writing and Math

Kavod teaches reading, writing and math entirely in English to ensure that students master these subjects and maintain proficiency in their English skills.

The Kavod Elementary curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and all teaching units are based upon the California Curriculum Frameworks. The Common Core State Standards are incorporated into the curriculum maps from which daily lessons are created. Lessons are developed to address students’ strengths and weaknesses relative to the standards as identified on daily, periodic and annual assessments.

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has developed grade-specific curriculum for reading and writing workshop. This curriculum has been aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Kavod Elementary uses this as a resource for developing curriculum and lesson plans. This lesson planning addressed individualized and differentiated instruction, based on the standards and provides ALL Kavod Elementary students the opportunity to succeed and move towards becoming college and career ready.

Social Studies and Science

The Social Studies and Science classes infuse the Hebrew language and Israeli culture into the curriculum.  In Social Studies, during the CHIIC portion, the Hebrew teacher will co-teach content in Hebrew, alongside the general education teacher. During Science, the Hebrew teacher will offer support in Hebrew, alongside the general education teacher.


The aim of Kavod Elementary’s science curricula is not only to teach science content, principles and practices, but also to train students to use inquiry and scientific methods to learn independently and to solve problems. Teachers guide students to collect and record first-hand data, to represent and analyze it. Accordingly, Kavod Elementary’s science education programs is inquiry-based and rooted in “real world” situations and experiences. To achieve this, all science units are aligned with the California Science Content Standards.

IMG_7983Kavod Elementary’s science program:

1) Develops students’ science literacy and provide meaningful and engaging learning experiences to enhance students’ intellectual curiosity and build students’ proficiency in science;

2) Teach students how to manipulate scientific tools as they expand their science vocabulary; and

3) Strengthen students’ logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, as well as their abilities to apply scientific methodology and inquiry to make connections between books, and between texts and their own experience

Social Studies

The social studies series is directly aligned with the CA History-Social Science Content Standards. Furthermore it lends itself to the integration of primary source materials, which will be used to integrate the study of Culture and History of Israel and its Immigrant Communities (CHIIC) into relevant areas of American history and world history.

The Social Studies program is designed around the concepts of democracy and diversity. The Social Studies curriculum aims to help students make sense of the world in which they live, make connections between major ideas and their own lives, see themselves as members of the world community, to understand, appreciate, and respect the commonalities and differences
that give the United States character and identity.

Kavod Elementary understands that Social Studies is the integrated study of history, geography, economics, government and civics. But most importantly it is the study of humanity, of all people and events that have affected the world. Our Social Studies curriculum goals are:

  • to help students make sense of the world in which they live
  • to help students make connections between major ideas and their own lives
  • to help students see themselves as members of the world community
  • to help students understand, respect and appreciate the commonalities and differences which give the United States character and identity.

These goals can only be understood within an appreciation and analysis of the cultural heritage of our world. In a world of global interdependence, it is imperative that American students not only are knowledgeable about U.S. History and the fundamental concepts of our democracy, but are also knowledgeable about Latin American, Middle Eastern, Asian, African, and European history. In doing so, we are creating well-rounded, educated American and global citizens who have the knowledge and skills necessary to place conflicting ideas in context and the wisdom to make good judgments in dealing with the tensions inherent in our local, national and global society.
Through its social studies curriculum, Kavod Elementary also seeks to infuse its students with values of mutual understanding and respect for others—an important component of Kavod Elementary’s mission. Kavod Elementary will bring to life these values for its students through an integration of service learning throughout the curriculum promoting social responsibility.

Being exposed to a global perspective early in their studies helps students understand how their own community relates to communities around the world. The focus on Culture and History of Israel and its Immigrant Communities (CHIIC) is aligned not only with the Hebrew language instruction but also to the social studies curriculum, allowing students to understand how history, culture, and language are deeply intertwined in the particular communities studied as well as all communities around the world. Kavod Elementary will maintain strict compliance with separation of church and state and will not encourage nor discourage religious devotion in any way.


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