Board Agendas

2018-2019 Board Meeting Schedule –
Board Meetings begin at 10am and are held in the Conference Room of Kavod Charter School.

  • September 13th 2018
  • December 14th 2018
  • March 8th 2019
  • June 18th 2019


Kavod Special Meeting Board Agenda 19-07-09

Kavod Board Agenda 19-06-25

Kavod Board Agenda 19-03-08

Kavod Board Agenda 18-12-14

Kavod Special Meeting Board Agenda 18-10-24

Kavod Board Agenda 18-09-13

Kavod Board Agenda 18-06-08

Kavod Board Agenda 18-03-09

Kavod Board Agenda 17-09-07

School Tours

School Tour

August 2nd 9am

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