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Parent Committee – Volunteer Information


A fundamental part of student success is parent support. At Kavod Elementary Charter School, we value the opportunity to have parents assist us in building a strong program though their volunteerism.

The Kavod Parent Committee

The Kavod Parent Committee (KPC) is a great way to get involved on a variety of levels and to help shape the direction of the Kavod program. If you are interested in being a member of the parent committee, please email parentcommittee@kavodelementary.org

Major Committees:

  • Mesiba (Kavod’s signature fundraiser) email: Mesiba@KavodElementary.org
  • Social Committee
  • Help with Field Day

School Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers. The Kavod Parent Committee has arranged morning volunteering every day after drop off until 9am. Meet in the office and volunteer together.  Kavod also love volunteers during morning and afternoon recess!


Calling all Artist, Scientists, Gardeners, Musicians, Athletes, Health Enthusiasts, Magicians, Dancers….anyone at all! If you, or someone you know, could provide a lesson for our students to help diversify our extracurricular offerings and enhance the educational or after school program, please contact the director at director@kavodelementary.org.


Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer Agreement

Before working with children volunteers will need sign and agree to the Kavod Volunteer Standards of Conduct.  This agreement will ensure that creating a conducive learning environment for our students remains a priority at all times.

The Kavod Volunteer Agreement (PDF)

Live Scan
Volunteers will need to be fingerprinted through the San Diego County Office of Education, if their volunteer position may require them to supervise students at any point where a Kavod faculty member is not present.

If you have already had your fingerprints cleared through Live Scan at SDCOE, please contact the director as you may already be in the system.

Volunteers are advised to make an appointment. 

Volunteers will need to bring with you the following:
b) a cashier’s check or money order made out to SDCOE (if going to SDCOE). You can go to other live scan facilities as well. Each facility has different rates, check the cost prior to going.
c) valid photo identification (driver’s license, passport, state I.D., etc..)

Volunteer Sign In
There is a Volunteer Log at the Kavod office. Volunteers will need to sign in when they arrive and when they leave, and record the time spent volunteering.