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Instructional Model

At Kavod Elementary, we believe that the child must be the center of all learning. What this means for us as educators is that we have to give up traditional instructional models such as lecturing and skill drilling. Instead, our teachers use the “workshop model” in order to make sure that each and every student is highly engaged and is working on materials appropriate to their specific proficiency level. The teachers circulate throughout the room to work with students in these small groups and individually. Over the past decade, the workshop model has been documented as one of the most effective instructional models.

Values Day 001

It is a rigorous and challenging, yet affirming, educational model that generally consists of the following components:

Rotating Schedule: As children all learn best at different times of the day, Kavod implements a rotating schedule that allows students to learn each subject at the time of the day when they learn best. 

Growth Mind-Set: Kavod encourages students to recognize that learning is a process and that mistakes are a part of that process. Embedded into our program are strategies that help students overcome challenges and explore new ideas.

 Mindfulness: Kavod encourages students to be engaged in their learning process by implementing mindfulness, meditation and even yoga strategies and activities into their daily routine.