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Support Kavod’s Long-Term Vision

Support Kavod’s Growth in the Community 


Facility Growth Support – Sponsor a Long-Term School Site

Facilities is our primary need for support. Kavod’s currently shares a campus with a district public school through Prop 39. Though this location is fiscally feasible for Kavod, it limits Kavod’s ability to grow, which also impacts the quality of the academic program it can provide.

  • Kavod would like to expand to two classes in grades K-5. The school’s current location can only accommodate one class K-5, without junior high prospect.
  • Ideally, Kavod would also like to expand to 6-8, however a charter revision will require the facilities in which these classes can be held.
  • Currently, Kavod has double the number of applicants for our 2016-2017 kindergarten class than spaces we have available.

What sources of Funding for Facilities has Kavod looked into?

  • Prop Z – a proposition that supports school facilities.  Per a San Diego Unified School District ruling, Kavod is ineligible from Prop Z facilities funding because Kavod has not been in operation for 5 years. By the time Kavod is eligible, funding will likely be depleted.
  • Bond Funding – Kavod is interested in Bond funding, though due to the desired maximum enrollment of Kavod, Bond funding is unlikely.
  • State Facility Grant –  Kavod cannot be guaranteed this grant yearly as it depends on location and Free and Reduced lunch population of the neighborhood schools.

Sponsorship Funding Required:

  • Exact funding to be determined based on final site-location. Approximate yearly sponsorship of 100,000 to 500,000  throughout Kavod’s growth plan. As Kavod grows in enrollment, student enrollment will offset the funding of sponsorship necessary.

Grade Expansion Support – Sponsor a Classroom through Junior High School.

After a long-term facility option is made available, Kavod would like to expand to serve Junior High School.  A K-8 program at Kavod is achievable in the Kavod budget when classes are relatively full.  As Kavod started a K-2 program the current 3rd and 4th grade classes are not filled to capacity. Our current 4th grade has 12 students and the current 3rd grade has 17.  Due to the limited enrollment in these classes, Kavod cannot fiscally maintain these two classes past 5th grade.  We would very much like to see these classes, who were the first students to ever enroll in Kavod, to be able to continue their education in our program. The only means for this to happen is if Kavod can secure a facility and sponsorship for the two currently under-enrolled classes.

Sponsorship Funding Required:

  • 2017-2018 (6th grade):                  $140,000
  • 2018-2019 (6th/7th grade):           $225,000
  • 2019-2020 (7th/8th grade):          $225,000
  • 2020-2021 (8th grade):                  $90,000