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Global Appreciation

 Kavod Elementary recognizes that multicultural understandings are essential in our global community. Being exposed to a global perspective early in their studies helps students understand how their own community relates to communities around the world. At Kavod Elementary, we study multiple cultures as an important component of Kavod Elementary’s mission is to infuse students with values of understanding and respect for others.


The focus on our Global Studies curriculum is aligned with the Hebrew language instruction and to the social studies curriculum, allowing students to understand how history, culture, and language are deeply intertwined in the particular communities studied as well as all communities around the world; this allows students to explore and come to appreciate the immigrant cultures of many nations.

This curriculum begins in the early grades with an imaginary street in Israel called “HaOlam” Street, the World Street. Families, who emigrated from many countries around the world such as Morocco, Russia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Hungary and Poland, live on HaOlam Street. Children learn about these families, their different customs and their background as a beginning point for eventually understanding the countries from where those families emigrated. This specialized curriculum will work for ALL students, of ALL backgrounds, including those of Hispanic heritage living in our target community. 

Kavod Elementary maintains strict compliance with separation of church and state and does not teach religion.