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Dress Code

Dress Code

To promote the culture of respect and honor, Kavod students will be required to wear uniform school attire.

Benefits of a Dress Code

  1. Proven to increase student achievement. Promotes a more serious school atmospherewhich emphasizes academics and promotes good behavior.
    2. Reduces social conflict, peer pressure and the prevalence of certain behaviors that may be associated with appearance.
    3. Reduces tardiness because students spend less time worrying about what to wear to school.
    4. Saves money because parents spend less money on clothing.

The Kavod dress code will consist of a variety of mix and match options as indicated below.

Tops: Polos/button shirts:  Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, or Black  or a Kavod Apparel T-shirt.(small shirt-brand logos are okay – example: the Nike or Polo symbol, but it cannot promote another school or organization )
Bottoms*: Pants, shorts or pleated skirts:  Blue, White, Black, Gray or Khaki/Beige- no jeans, all bottoms must be plain, no writing or images, and fitted appropriately: no baggy pants, no jeans, no sweatpants, leggings under skirts or shorts only.
Sweaters: A cardigan, knitted hoodie, or sweater vest: Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Black or Gray
Dresses*: Girls may wear a dress with the pleated bottom in: Navy Blue, Black, Gray, Khaki/Beige or Light Blue.
Outerwear: On the playground students may wear any school appropriate jacket to stay warm.These must come off before entering the classroom.  Outerwear may not have masks or cover a child’s face.

* Through the workshop model, Kavod’s learning environment requires that students move around frequently. Due to this, girls who choose to wear skirts and dresses will be required to also wear bike shorts or tights.

The Following Are NOT Approved Kavod Colors: Red, Pink, Purple, Green. Shirts are of a solid color, plaid is not acceptable.

Kavod will not deny entrance to the program based on a student’s inability to obtain the school attire. Please contact the Executive Director if you have concerns regarding procurement of the proper school attire.

School Policy for Dress Code Violations:

If a student is out of Dress Code, they will be asked to change. The school will makes its best attempt to notify the parent. If a child has emergency clothes at the school he/she will be changed into his/her own clothes; otherwise children will be given clothes from the office, if available. Kavod understands some extenuating circumstances may arise, and will enforce the policy as it sees fit for various circumstances.

Kavod Elementary encourages and promotes a positive and safe dress code for students, which adheres to a constructive educational environment.  Accordingly all students should follow the standards of dress listed below:

  • Clothing and jewelry must be safe and appropriate to the educational environment. All clothing must be clean and in good repair. Slits, tears or holes in pants or other articles of clothing are not permitted.
  • Head coverings, including hats of any kind, except those worn for religious such as yarmulkes, medical or safety reasons, are not to be worn inside school buildings. Hats may be worn outside for sun protection (Cal. Ed. Code § 35183.5) or warmth. All hats are to be removed upon entering school buildings.
  • Slacks, shorts, Capri pants, skirts and skorts are to be worn on the waist with no portion of an undergarment showing.
  • Skirts, dresses, jumpers, shorts, and skorts must be at least mid-length when standing. Stockings or leggings may be worn under skirts or jumpers. Skirts and dresses must have no slits in the sides or backs that expose the leg.
  • Trousers must not be longer than ½ inch from the sole of the shoe for safety.
  • No baggy styles allowed.
  • No oversized shirts allowed.
  • Wearing body piercings other than ear piercings is not permitted.
  • Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. No flip-flops. No heels.
  • All students should groom their hair prior to arriving at school.
  • The Executive Director may modify this dress code at any time in consideration of student safety and promoting a healthy learning environment.

Change of clothes: It is preferred that your child have an extra set of clothes in school that are in accordance with the dress code. Please label each item of clothing with your child’s name.

Parents and Volunteers: The classroom isn’t the place for revealing or distracting clothing, or outfits that draw the children’s attention to you rather than to the teacher. All visitors to the school must dress in a professional manner.