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Afternoon Transportation to UTC

The bus to the JCC is an optional mode of transportation for families in the afternoon.  Students are expected to arrive at the JCC 20 minutes after leaving Kavod. Transportation will begin on September 5th and end on June 12th; otherwise the operation schedule follows the Kavod calendar and end of day bell schedule.

Child 1 Child 2+ (fees per additional child)
1 Payment $750 $600
2 Installments $400 due Sept 1st and Jan 15th = $800 $325 due Sept 1st and Jan 15th = $650
Monthly $125 due by Sept 1st – $80 per month = $845 an additional $70 per month per child

Additionally, ability to use the bus is contingent on registration with the JCC for check in purposes, which is $100 per child fee.  The fee is for the cost associated with staffing to ensure all students have supervision until parents arrive and to ensure child safety for emergencies. All families are required to register for student safety, but no child is required to partake in the JCC after-school program.

Payment and agreements for both Kavod and the JCC must be turned into Kavod (with separate checks) before bus students can begin using the bus. Payment can be completed via credit card on the website or via check. If paying by check, separate checks are preferred. Contact the school for payment plans. No family is required to partake and there will be no-refunds regardless of enrollment status or a student’s ability to use the bus.

Transportation Agreement to the JCC 17-18

Release of Liability for Bus to UTC

J-Team_KAVOD Enrichment Flyer and Registration Form  (from 16-17, contact the JCC for updated forms)

Checks and forms can be mailed to: Kavod PO Box 22044, San Diego CA 92192
or payment can be made by credit card below and forms can be scanned emailed to: alexa.greenland@kavodelementary.org or FAXED to 858.777.9197.

You will receive confirmation of receipt of forms and payment.

Registration Options
Child(ren)’s Name(s):
Parent’s Name:


If you register for the Monthly Payment Plan (process the $125 using the above link) – please process the recurring payments using the following link. This will process 9 payments.

Per Child
Child(ren)’s Name(s):
Parent’s Name: