The Kavod program focuses on the following:

  • Dual-Language studies have shown that learning additional languages at a young age enhances the brain’s aptitude for academics and creativity.

  • A low teacher to student ratio to give all students the attention they deserve and assists students in their ability to master material

  • The Workshop Model provides interactive learning 

  • A values curriculum helps students build good citizenship traits and encourages a growth mindset

  • Service learning helps students understand the importance of their role in a community 

  • Global Awareness curriculum exposes students to a global perspective early in their studies to help them understand how their own community relates to communities around the world

Kavod Explorers value diversity, appreciate other cultures, and understand the importance of becoming global citizens.  Dual-language is a core component of Kavod’s program with students learning Hebrew at an immersion level with a Spanish enrichment.

Students actively engage in service-learning projects in order to become productive members of society. Additionally, as child-health and understanding of sportsmanship contributes to students growing into respectful citizens, Kavod is proud to continue to offer a comprehensive Physical Education and music program.

Kavod is a public school, meaning there is no fee to attend and no religious instruction. Kavod is in the process of a grade expansion. Beginning in 2019 Kavod will serve 6th grade and continue to add a grade each subsequent year to ultimately serve K-8.  During this process Kavod is applying to be an International Baccalaureate school for our middle school program.

School Tours

6th Grade Open House

Join us on January 29th at 5:30pm to meet and greet with 6th grade families and to learn about the Kavod middle school program. See what the middle school will look like, how it incorporates the values important to helping students become successful global citizens, and how Kavod designed the program to align to the International Baccalaureate program. We will have food to enjoy until 6pm. At 6pm we will begin a presentation about the middle school program followed by a tour.Space for the 6th grade class next year is limited, this class has always had a waitlist so apply today because once the lottery runs you may lose out on this great opportunity for your child:  https://kavod.schoolmint.net/ Location: 6991 Balboa Ave San Diego CA 92111


The lottery window for 2019-2020 will close on February 28th.  Families can apply via the schoolmint portal.