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Academic Excellence

At the core of Kavod's program is a differentiated instruction model that emphasizes Mindfulness and Perseverance to support a rigorous curriculum. Our emphasis on Dual Language, Physical Education, Music and Art, contribute to the academic success of our Kavod Explorers.

Dual Language

Kavod's unique dual-language program provides students with mastery of one language spoken by a small population in a growing STEM industry (Modern-Hebrew) and one language that is widely spoken around the world (Spanish). This language combination provides unique opportunities for Kavod Explorers to thrive in the global workforce.

Social Responsibility

Kavod encourages socially responsible citizens through a curriculum that focuses on respect. Kavod Explorers contribute to our community through a variety of impactful projects and initiatives, and they understand how their actions can make a difference in our communities.

Global Awareness

Kavod implements a unique globally focused curriculum that teaches the importance of diversity and appreciation for all world communities and cultures.


About Kavod’s Program 

At Kavod, students value diversity, appreciate other cultures, and understand the importance of becoming global citizens.  Dual-language is a core component of Kavod’s program with students learning Hebrew daily as well as Spanish on a weekly basis.  Students actively engage in service-learning projects in order to become productive members of society. Additionally, as child-health and understanding of sportsmanship contributes to students growing into respectful citizens, Kavod is proud to continue to offer a comprehensive Physical Education and music program. The Kavod instructional model is rigorous as Kavod has a longer school day than many other elementary schools.

Kavod is a public non-religious school.  Students of diverse backgrounds and cultures enroll at Kavod regardless of any family connection to the Hebrew language as learning multiple languages provides children with immense value.

Kavod is in the process of a grade expansion. Beginning in 2019 Kavod will serve 6th grade and continue to add a grade each subsequent year to ultimately serve K-8.  During this process Kavod is applying to be an International Baccalaureate school for our middle school program.

Applications and Enrollment 

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Families can use the Schoolmint portal to complete applications or enrollment packets.

There are available spaces in some classes. Please contact Kavod or complete an application through schoolmint for more information.

The lottery window for 2019-2020  will open on October 1st and will close on February 28th.  Families can apply via the schoolmint portal above and will be placed on the wait list in the order in which they apply.

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School Tours/Information Sessions

In order to limit distraction to our current students, unless a parent is considering Kavod for the current school year, tours of classes are only provided at the scheduled time. Kavod cannot accommodate single individual tours during the day as it is not conducive to the learning environment of our students.   Thank you for understanding. 

Please sign up for a tour using the links below.

November 9th 8:45am 

November 30th 8:45am 



Board Meeting Agenda: Kavod Board Agenda 18-12-14

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